Preparing to enter the workforce often requires training; new immigrants may need help to build a career plan, develop a résumé, understand how to connect with and present themselves to employers. Many will need English language or skills training. Get In The Know has developed an inventory of Surrey’s programs and services that provide these supports.

Employment Programs

More than 50 employment related programs and services are listed here. These include career planning and job search, mentoring, job matching and placement, and self-employment and entrepreneurial supports. Explore these listings to see what is available to help Surrey’s newcomers and your recruits prepare for the local labour market.

Language Programs

Numerous agencies offer English language training and practice for all levels of English speakers. This inventory includes more than 50 no cost or low cost programs and services offered by immigrant settlement agencies, libraries, the Surrey School District and local colleges and universities. Explore this list to see where immigrants can find general language training, prepare for an exam, or join a conversation circle.

Skills & Training Programs

Becoming job ready often means obtaining some new skills or a certificate. This list includes more than 50 different no cost or low cost skills training programs. You may be an immigrant job seeker looking to increase your employability or an employer looking to offer training to a new recruit or a new hire, this list is a summary of locally offered skills training and certificate programs suitable for new immigrants and employers looking to support them.