News December, 2017

Immigrants providing a boost to declining church attendance in Canada

By Xiao Yu, Globe and Mail | Eli Wu brought his wife and teenaged son to Vancouver this past summer, emigrating from China in search of a better education for his child. He wasn’t searching for God, but after arriving in Canada he found himself drawn in an unexpected direction.

How a hyper-diverse East Vancouver school faced Christmas

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun | I’m working on a piece this week that evokes some of the history of Christmas in Metro Vancouver. The process has reminded me of a feature I wrote for The Sun’s Christmas Eve edition in 2005, which was based on a return to my old East Vancouver elementary school, … Continued

Opinion: Let’s have an honest conversation about immigration

By Ptrick Mackenzia, Vancouver Sun | On Dec. 18, we observed International Migrants Day, which was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2000. With immigration so firmly ingrained in “Brand Canada,” it offers an opportunity to re-visit the public conversation about its impact and maybe even dispel a few myths.

Commercial Real Estate: Lobbying to save Chinatown’s heritage

By Evan Duggan, Vancouver Sun | Melody Ma retraces the steps she initially took about two years ago through Vancouver’s Chinatown. The twenty-something freelance web developer and Chinatown activist remembers seeing a construction pit at Gore and East Hastings on that walk.