News October, 2015

Migration issues will test Liberals

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun | The federal election will be remembered for the way it ignited over an issue that directly affects a handful of migrant women — those who feel it necessary to wear the niqab during Canada’s citizenship ceremony.

Immigrant groups ask for more time to settle Syrian refugees

By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun | A national association of immigrant and refugee service providers is asking prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau to extend the timeline on his pledge to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada to the end of 2016, rather than the end of this year.

West end schools band together to bring Syrian refugees to Canada

By CBC News | During the Vietnamese refugee crisis, church congregations had an enormous impact, as they sponsored the majority of the 60,000 refugees who arrived in Canada. An educator in Toronto hopes in the Syrian refugee crisis, schools can play the role churches did in that crisis decades ago.

Advocacy group urges Trudeau to protect temporary foreign workers

By Mike Hager, Globe and Mail | A national group of unions and migrant-worker advocates is calling on Justin Trudeau to protect Canada’s temporary foreign workers by giving them permanent residency upon arrival and letting them ditch the employer who sponsors them.

Nova Scotia to ask Ottawa to axe immigration cap

By Shaina Luck, CBC News | Provincial Immigration Minister Lena Diab plans to ask the new federal government to remove restrictions that cap the number of immigrants the province can take in under provincial programs. “I will ask for it to be eliminated. Not just raised, so we’ll see,” she told reporters after a Monday … Continued